Thursday, March 10, 2022

Defender Camping Yorkshire


I don't think I can adequately put into words how epic our experience with Defender Camping Yorkshire was. With a fleet of four defenders to choose from (three of which are dog friendly) they offer the ultimate stay-cation adventure. Bursting with charm and character, these unique, iconic vehicles take road trips to the next level. 

It's evident that Tom and his family have a genuine passion for what they do and want to make your defender experience as easy and memorable as possible. A few days prior to our trip we were emailed with an extensive guide that covered every question we had (and even those we didn't know we had!) This simple guide covered everything from arrival information, tips on how to drive the vehicles, emergency info and easy to follow setting up and taking down instructions (with videos). Although a full brief is given when you collect the vehicle, I found this guide really useful, especially when it came to packing and knowing what to take. I was reassured that these guys have literally covered everything you could possibly need and all we really had to take was sleeping bags and food! The thought that these guys have put into their kit is second to none. From power banks and cool boxes, to washing up liquid and sachets of cooking oil. When I say they covered everything, I mean everything! 

Upon arriving we were introduced to the stunner that is Sheila, a silver defender 110 (who immediately stole my partners heart). Rugged and immaculate aren't usually words you'd use together to describe the same thing but that's exactly what she was. Tom took his time to talk us through every aspect of the vehicle, roof tent and side awning, even offering us to test drive the vehicle to ensure we felt comfortable and confident before setting off. 

With nothing left to do but enjoy the drive and armed with a generous 150 mile mileage allowance per day we headed to the Lake District (under 2 hours away). Now I've heard a lot of things about defenders (not always good) and maybe that's why I was so pleasantly surprised by the comfort and joy of driving down winding single track lanes and over rougher country roads. There's just something about its quintessentially British simplicity, yet all-round capability that you can't help but fall in love with. 

Another pleasant surprise was how easy it was to set up the tent box. Arriving in the dark, I wasn't relishing the idea of setting up camp for the night. However it really is the most simple and straightforward piece of kit and was up in under 5 minutes! Plenty spacious for two and with a comfy foam mattress we cosied down for the night. It's worth mentioning here that whilst these campers are dog friendly and have an optional large secure dog crate within the back or back seat hammock and seat belt for travelling, dogs are very understandably not allowed within the roof tent, meaning they must sleep within the crate at night. 

The most pleasant surprise of all came in the morning when we wanted to make a quick getaway to try and catch the sunrise over Wastwater. Everybody knows packing the tent away is the worst part of any camping trip right?! The tent box went away just as easily as it went up and we were good to go within 10 minutes. 

For me the absolute pinnacle of the trip was being able to pull up at the side of the lake, fire the stove and enjoy freshly cooked food as the sun went down. It's rare that you can enjoy moments of complete and undisturbed solitude, when you feel like the only ones on earth, but the true beauty of defender campers is that they allow you that respite. That break from reality to escape to the roads less travelled. 

If you're looking for a unique and memorable adventure of your own, we couldn't recommend Defender Camping Yorkshire more. For me the gear and the vehicle only make up part of the experience. The other part is made by the people behind the scenes who work tirelessly to ensure everything is taken care of and you have the best time possible. We can't thank Tom and Sophie enough for making this the perfect trip and sharing your passion with us. 

Love Kelly & Murphy x x

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