Wednesday, June 10, 2020

ACAI Activewear - Comfortable, practical and Stylish

I first Purchased a pair of ACAI trousers last year and they have been a staple piece of my walking wardrobe ever since, so I was absolutely delighted when they approached me and asked me to be an ambassador! 

I had long searched for a pair of waterproof trousers that were flattering and feminine, whilst still being comfortable. Lets be honest, most of us would rather get soaking wet in leggings than wear those baggy waterproofs that look like bin bags...literally. 

It's like all of my prayers had been answered when I came across ACAI, functional whilst still being stylish their skinny outdoor trousers are made using water repellent soft shell material with breath ability and freedom of movement, a figure flattering solution that stretches when you stretch. Being 5'11 I was so impressed that ACAI cater for every shape and size of women, offering petite, regular and tall ranges in sizes 6-22. The sizing is a question I've been asked a lot and I can say it is completely accurate and true to size, just because they are 'skinny fit' and figure hugging this does not mean they come up small! They're high waisted meaning they give a flattering look whilst filling you with confidence when bending or climbing. 

As well as empowering women of all shapes and sizes to feel comfortable and confident outdoors, I also love that ACAI are committed to sustainability and their products are made with as little environmental impact as possible. All trousers come packaged in a mesh laundry bag as opposed to disposable plastic which also helps care for your garments when washing, win win!

It's all well and good trousers looking the part but do they do the job when it rains? Over the past 8/9 months of wearing my ACAI trousers I've been caught in many rainfalls from light showers to heavy downpours! They are fully shower proof and as you can see from the photo below, the rain settles on the surface of the trousers. 

Even in the most torrential downpours I have found the ACAI trousers are super quick drying which has meant I'm not uncomfortable on the drive home or when the rain does eventually stop!

As a dog owner I'm sure you'll all appreciate how useful pockets are, whether it's for your phone or poo bags the ACAI trousers have 4 really deep sized pockets, one with a zip. They're much deeper than average pockets on trousers and comfortably fit my large smartphone in, something I've found so useful when I don't want to take a bag out with me. 

The ACAI trousers have passed the muddy paws test, meaning they don't need washing half as much as regular trousers. However, when I do wash them I use the 'Grangers Clothing wash and Repel' which is a wash in product designed to maintain the water resistance of the trousers. This can also be purchased on the ACAI website under 'Accessories'. 

Pictured throughout are the 'MAX Stretch Skinny Outdoor Trousers in Khaki' these are slightly thinner than the 'Mid-Weight' trousers which I also own. 

With the UK weather being so changeable I wear these even on a clear sunny day, and they just look like normal trousers/leggings! I really can't recommend them enough, they've been such a game changer and whilst this pair was gifted I have purchased in the past and wouldn't hesitate to do so again! 

Love Kelly & Murphy x x 

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