Tuesday, November 9, 2021

K9 Connectables Enrichment Starts Here.


We all know that enrichment is a key aspect of any dogs routine and a good mental workout is just as important as physical exercise. Just like humans, dogs need stimulation to keep them happy and healthy. Did you know that 15 minutes of mental stimulation is equivalent to a 3 mile walk! Not only does mental stimulation keep your dogs brain sharp, it will also help eliminate boredom and destructive behaviors. 

K9 Connectables have designed a large range of toys aimed to engage and entertain your dog in a variety of ways every day. The beauty of these toys is that they can be connected in so many different ways that you can give your pup a new challenge each time, keeping them active, thinking and busy! 

Physical, Mental, Dental

K9 Connectables are designed to work on all 3 elements. 

Physical - Connecting together to trap treats inside ensures your dog has to work and play for their rewards. 

Mental - Your dog has to use their brain to figure out how to break the connections and get their rewards. With numerous different ways to connect the toys together you can provide a different challenge for your dog every day! 

Dental - These puzzle treats can help aid oral hygiene, reduce plaque and tartar build up. When combined with the texture and grooves of the K9 Connectables toys they'll help keep your pups teeth healthy! 

We recently got to try out the 'Pro Bundle' which includes the 'Tuff Stuffer Pro', 'The Yes Bone' and the 'Tuff Toothie'. We opted for the toys in a size 'medium' based on Murphys weight and were really impressed by their size and durability. They're super strong and sturdy and have so far withstood hours of vigorous chewing, licking and clawing! 

I love the versatility of this range, especially the 'Tuff Stuffer Pro' which is a really good size and can be stuffed with anything! (raw, natural yogurt, pureed fruit and veggies etc)

I was really impressed with how long these keep Murphy engaged and how difficult the treats are to get out once pushed in. Murphy was at it for a solid hour and had only managed to partially get to 2 of the 8 treats!

If you're interested in the K9 Connectables range you can save save 10% with the discount code 'murphythemagnificent10' 

Love Kelly & Murphy x x 


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