Sunday, March 8, 2020

Crufts 2020 with Zoflora

Murphy and I were very kindly invited by Zoflora to attend Crufts this year!

It was a completely new experience for the both of us, never having been myself either, but we loved it! I think Murphy thought all of his doggy dreams had come true, a day filled with endless treats and belly rubs from anyone and everyone he met. What was not to love?! 

Our first stop was of course Zoflora, the best smelling stand around! We were super excited to check out their new Coastal Breeze scent and can confirm it smells amazing! Murphy was treated like a true VIP and I can't thank the guys enough for making us feel so welcome and showering Murphy with cuddles. We also took their Doggy Cam for a little spin (wish I had £1 for every time I heard "That dogs got a GoPro on him!" as we were walking around.) We can't wait to see all of the footage they got with this from over the weekend so be sure to check that out! 

The best piece of advice I was given before visiting Crufts was to try and write a list of the stands you know you want to visit along with their hall and location number. We found we were constantly referring back to this list and definitely would have missed certain things had we not had it! 

It was great to see so many brands we already know, love and regularly use but it was also nice to be introduced to some new brands we haven't come across before. We picked up the most gorgeous drying robe from Harbour Hounds a new company but one that I think will really take off! As I walked past I was drawn in by the nautical colours of their robes and obvious high quality. Featuring an opening for the tail, underbelly and good hindquarter coverage as well as a turtleneck for those ears I found this to be a better design than other drying coats/robes we already own. I was sold when I found out the company is conscious of their impact on the environment too. Deffo one to check out guys!

Other brands we made purchases from that we haven't tried before but are excited to, are: 

After a long day of shopping we stopped for a bite to eat at 'The Little Owl', a dog friendly pub less than a mile away from the NEC. It was super cosy and Murphy definitely appreciated the log fire they had burning! 

I really couldn't have been prouder of Murphy yesterday and want to thank everyone we met, for the treats, the cuddles and the kindness.

Love Kelly & Murphy x


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